Capsuleer Communities Remain Strong Against Sansha's Nation

By CCP Phantom


by ISD Caiden S'or

Etherium Reach, New Eden - As Incursions by Sansha's Nation continue, more defined groups of capsuleers are forming to combat them.

There are many reasons that capsuleers are drawn together in this cause. For some, the rewards in loyalty points and ISK are reason enough to risk their assets. For others, dreams of faction drops in the form of Supercarrier blueprints and the like are reason enough. Others still look to create an environment where all are welcome, regardless of corporate or alliance affiliations; a place where new pilots and old alike have the chance to take part in this battle twenty-three hours a day. While there are several such coalitions in existence, The Valhalla Project [TVP] is one of the more prevalent communities welcoming all comers.

TVP pilot and diplomat Kaylee Rei states, "Some people refer to TVP as a training community, please I prefer to think of it as a community that trains. New Pilots are the lifeblood of communities so its best to cultivate them into better trained and equiped incursion runners." With that in mind, TVP has built a strong base of veteran players who are available to help untested pilots.

Although many pilots believe ISK earning would not be possible in this kind of group setting, it is not unheard of for a pilot to make upwards of 100 million ISK per hour in the TVP fleets running the Headquarters sites.

TVP is a very large and active Incursion community. A visit to TVP's public chat channel, 'The Valhalla Project' has shown that while susceptible to the same challenges as any other public channel, there is a clear air of helpfulness to those who express the need of assistance. This aid may come in the form of fitting help, or advice on procedure.

Like most of these incursion fighting bands, baggage is checked at the door; pilots that might be fighting each other in sovereignty battles on the weekend may find themselves fighting side by side against Sansha's Nation during the week.

TVP is one of several communities fighting the Sansha Incursions, as well as being one of the largest. Capsuleers wishing to band together for the common good against the Nation may want to consider one of these communities.


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