Caldari State Issues Statement of Condemnation On Curse Alliance Response

By Svarthol
Kisiras Haakenen, Caldari Executive Panel Director of Public Relations, at a press conference yesterday evening let fall harsh words regarding the Curse Alliance and its response following the much-publicized COLOSSUS Qualifier incident the week before last, where a racer from a corporation flying under the CA banner pod-killed two of her fellow contestants before the race's scheduled start, despite explicit warning from race organizers.

"The Curse Alliance has made no bones about its response to the State's modest request for a public mea culpa," said Haakenen. "While assurances were made that similar incidents would not take place again, the fact remains that no formal apology was issued, nor were there any suggestions towards a diplomatic solution made. There was not even a token offer of restitution. At the same time, sources from within the CA made it abundantly and publicly clear that there had been discussion of conflict within CA war rooms, statements which were later confirmed by our own intelligence sources. It is our considered opinion that the Curse Alliance should cease and desist from any and all military planning if they wish to remain a recognized sovereign entity in the pan-regional arena."

"We are still waiting for our apology," added the Director before leaving the podium.

"What the CA seem to be neglecting is the aspect of face," commented independent political analyst Rae Strammin in today's Galactic Observer. "In all dealings with the Caldari State, it has to be remembered that they need, first and foremost, to save face. By not allowing them that, you get their hair up. And I don't think many of us have a particular desire to see the State sporting a Laisonian hypra-grav do. That doesn't do much for face. And it won't do much for galactic peace in an already unstable political environment."

Jovian official Misu Baniya, when questioned as to whether these recent diplomatic rows would affect the Curse Alliance's place on the Jovian Register of Sovereign Nation-States, declined to comment.