Caldari Prime tension reaches boiling point, Shiigeru deployed to low-orbit

By CCP Falcon

LUMINAIRE – The Caldari Navy have released a statement moments ago to confirm that the Leviathan-class titan Shiigeru, which resides in orbit of Caldari Prime, has been deployed into low orbit in response to growing tension on the surface.

The conflict flared again early this morning, after a number of Caldari-owned businesses in the city of Pakuri were firebombed by a group of Gallente radicals. In response, Provist occupation forces stormed the nearby border of a Gallente district, before reportedly being forced into retreat by thousands of unarmed Gallente protestors.

A little over an hour after Provist security personnel reported their retreat, all contact was lost with the surface of Caldari Prime. The last logged communication from any surface-side installation occurred at 11:01 EST, and within fifteen minutes Admiral Visera Yanala moved swiftly to position the Shiigeru in low orbit of Caldari Prime under executive order of the Caldari Providence Directorate.

At this time it is rumored that the Caldari Navy are in the process of deploying State Protectorate ground troops to re-establish contact, after approximately two hundred Sparrow-class dropships were seen departing the Shiigeru within moments of her re-positioning.

Meanwhile in Algogille, a flurry of activity has erupted at Federation Navy headquarters as intelligence analysts scramble to assess the situation.