Caldari Prime salvage plans announced

By CCP Falcon

LUMINAIRE – A press pack released this afternoon by Material Acquisition outlines plans for the initial stages of a clean-up and salvage operation to remove the wreckage of the Leviathan-class titan CN Shiigeru, which was partially destroyed in orbit and impacted the planet’s surface on March 22 last year.

The lengthy document, which gives a detailed report on the environmental impact of the event and covers the current conditions in the 1.2 million square kilometre debris field, contains proposals approved by Material Acquisition, Ishukone and the Gallente Senate. They would see much of the wreckage salvaged and recycled before being put to use in the reconstruction of Qaiian Tower, the regional headquarters of the Nugoeihuvi Corporation, which was heavily damaged during the vessel’s atmospheric entry.

In a follow up announcement, a Material Acquisition spokeswoman confirmed that “although the area lies within a district under Federal administration, we will be working hand in hand with the Ishukone Corporation due to both the sensitive nature of the operation, and the extremely important historical and cultural relevance of the Kaalakiota mountains to the Caldari people. We intend to ensure that operations in both the affected area, and the city of Arcurio, are conducted with the highest level of respect.”

A little over an hour after the announcement, several media outlets reported sightings of a number of Ishukone Corporation salvage platforms being towed into low orbit of Caldari Prime.