Caldari Prime relief effort continues, Ishukone request access to devastated planet

By CCP Falcon

VILLORE – In an unprecedented move, the Ishukone Corporation presented the Gallente Senate with a formal request for access to Caldari Prime this morning, in order to assist with the ongoing cleanup operation and relief effort.

The substantial document, signed and approved by Ishukone Corporation CEO Mens Reppola and his entire board of directors, allegedly requests access to the planet for both Ishukone and Ishukone Watch in a civilian capacity.

In a holographic address to the Gallente Senate, Reppola was quoted as saying “the situation has persisted for long enough. While Caldari Prime may be our home, the loss of life, both Caldari and Gallente, and the environmental damage to our ancestral home world is spiraling out of control. It is imperative that we work cohesively to bring the situation under control.”

Reppola’s words were reportedly met with strong approval from the Gallente Senate, although negotiations are still ongoing with regards to Ishukone’s proposed involvement.

Meanwhile, on Caldari Prime, fighting between Provist aligned mercenaries and elements of the Federal Marines and Federal Defense Union continues unchecked. At the same time, rescue teams continue their attempts to siphon off dust and ash from atmosphere above the impact site of the Shiigeru after setting up huge banks of filtration and scrubbing equipment.

The city of Arcurio also remains in a state of shutdown today, as the full scale of the devastation caused by the Shiigeru’s entry is assessed. Many streets are still littered with shards of smoldering titanium diborite armor plating, and a number of buildings are in the process of being stabilized after being struck by the hail of debris that followed in the wake of the vessel’s entry.

At this point in time, the death toll after Friday’s attack is still unknown, but is estimated to be in the tens of millions when taking into account the loss of crew members and support staff for both naval fleets, along with those in service of capsuleers.

Both the Federal and State administrations have been unwilling to comment on Friday’s events, as both sides appear to be focusing on assessing their losses and ensuring support is provided to the forces still in combat on the surface.