Caldari Prime administrators unveil Operation Highlander monument

By CCP Falcon

LUMINAIRE – Arcurio stood silent this evening as administration staff from Material Acquisition and the Ishukone Corporation unveiled a monument honoring lives lost one year ago today.

The structure, a 120 meter long, 6 meter high section of titanium diborite armor plating from the hull of the Leviathan class titan CN Shiigeru, standing on a solid base carved from granite sourced from the Kaalakiota mountain range - resides in District 24 of the city, the area in which former Caldari Navy Admiral Visera Yanala was born and raised.

After the monument was unveiled, a number of political figures including Ishukone CEO Mens Reppola, Gallente President Jacus Roden, and Federation Navy Grand Admiral Anteson Ranchel, took to the podium to offer moving tributes for casualties in a conflict that saw the largest deployment of armed forces by the State and Federal militaries since the end of the Caldari-Gallente war in YC12.

The unveiling ceremony ended with a two minute silence, and was brought to a close by the voice of Reppola, reciting the simple dedication message inscribed alongside the service numbers of every known military casualty of Operation Highlander from both the Federal and State armed forces in traditional Raata script.

In remembrance of those who gave their lives to ensure the well-being of those they swore an oath to protect. The citizens of Arcurio remain eternally grateful for your sacrifice.

March 22, YC115