Caldari Navy Hands Impounded Serpentis Vessel To Propel Dynamics

By Alton Haveri

TAMO - The Scope can now confirm that the Caldari Navy has transferred ownership of an impounded Serpentis Corporation vessel to Propel Dynamics at their factory in orbit of Tamo VI - Moon 18.

The vessel, a Rhea class jump freighter now sporting the proper CISC (CONCORD Identification Serial Code) and callsign "[SPC] Seeadler" was officially signed over this morning after being seized by the Caldari Navy on April 3rd when it aroused suspicion in Tartoken.

The vessel was brought to the attention of a Caldari Navy Customs patrol while disguised as the Wiyrkomi corporation vessel [WC] Otago, when its CISC transponder began to malfunction after a jump through a cynosural field, alternating between the identity codes for the Seeadler and the Otago while still wearing the hull colors and markings of the Wiyrkomi Corporation.

Wiyrkomi were swift to deny any involvement in the incident, providing confirmation that the real [WC] Otago was located in gravdock at their factory in orbit of Dantumi IV - Moon 12 undergoing repairs, after being damaged in an attack by the Serpentis Corporation two days previously. These claims were confirmed when it was revealed that the Seeadler was fitted with a sophisticated camouflage system, allowing it to mimic the identity and markings of other vessels of the same hull design, after the system malfunctioned in gravdock during a search of its hold.

The Caldari Navy have indicated that the search of the Seeadler's cargohold revealed in excess of 385,000 cubic meters of semi-processed narcotics disguised in containers labelled as industrial chemicals. The cargo, which was apparently backed up with highly sophisticated false cargo manifests, was estimated to have a total market value in excess of 65,000,000,000 Kredits. A Caldari Navy spokesman has since confirmed that the illicit cargo has been destroyed.

At this time, the vessel has been handed to Propel Dynamics for full stripdown and analysis of its camouflage system. When contacted for comment regarding the capability of the Seeadler, Propel Dynamics remained tight lipped regarding any results thus far.

The Serpentis Corporation has also remained silent regarding the seizure of the vessel and its cargo.