Caldari Navy announces manhunt for Otsasai aggressors

By CCP Falcon

BREAKING NEWS – In a statement made from Caldari Navy Headquarters in Perimeter just moments ago, Wing Commander Hikemi Korrado gave details of the largest manhunt in the history of the Caldari Navy.

The announcement comes after the release of more information pertaining to the attack in the Mito constellation yesterday morning, during which a number of Caldari Navy capital class vessels were hijacked.

Korrado confirmed in the statement that those responsible for leading the attack have been positively identified as “a number of officers who were under the command of former 37th ‘Octopus’ Squadron leader Sami Okuuda” and went on to state that “these are all officers who were dishonorably discharged from Caldari Navy service in late February.”

The statement also clarified that the Caldari Navy would be seeking capsuleer assistance with bringing these former officers to justice, and would be offering paid bounties for proof of their execution in the form of Pilot License Extensions.

Following the press conference, Korrado released a list of identities with prices attached to their heads and last known locations, along with criteria for payment of bounties, declaring open season on former officers now branded “traitors to the Caldari State.”

Arve Vesren, Director of Operations for the Directive Enforcement Department, was swift to back up the release by stating that “any vessels piloted by these individuals will be marked either suspect or criminal depending on bounties issued by the Caldari Navy.”

Korrado declined to comment further, simply requesting that the list of fugitives be distributed by the interstellar press as widely as possible.

A copy of the bounty listing is transmitted below for convenience:

  • Kossen Jaikka - 80 PLEX
  • Arano Kokkara - 40 PLEX
  • Ina Okonada - 40 PLEX
  • Aikabinen Unijila - 40 PLEX
  • Tovas Tagahaiken - 40 PLEX
  • Tsatei Uppas - 40 PLEX
  • Uehuma Inikas - 40 PLEX
  • Saara Humo - 40 PLEX
  • Tuohmirasen Oittakko - 40 PLEX
  • Hyn Soila - 40 PLEX
  • Verkkomi Obanin - 40 PLEX
  • Uesharas Pumenen - 40 PLEX
  • Ichonen Aroki - 40 PLEX
  • Arameki Ibuken - 40 PLEX
  • Sajila Halmon - 40 PLEX
  • Kekamaa Togenurii - 40 PLEX

Note: Please see this thread for full details on the event, reward criteria, and prize breakdown.