Caldari Navy announces discharge of courts-martialled officers

By CCP Falcon

PERIMETER – A spokesman for the Caldari Navy confirmed today that a total of fifty-seven officers have been dishonourably discharged from the Caldari Navy, after a week of legal proceedings that saw a number of arrests relating to incidents during the administration of the Caldari Providence Directorate.

Publicly, it appears that all those involved were relieved of command under the umbrella charge of “actions performed against the best interest of the Caldari State and People”. Sources within the Caldari Navy, meanwhile, claim that actual charges range from dereliction of duty, to gross insubordination, incompetence of command, and operations in breach of the Yulai Convention.

While the Caldari Navy have refused to release any further details regarding the fate of those who were discharged, rumours have begun to circulate regarding a number of former officers who have been sentenced to long term incarceration.

Former 37th Squadron Wing Commander Sami Okuuda is confirmed to be among those who were discharged, and was sighted leaving Perimeter on a civilian transport bound for New Caldari.

Speaking from corporate headquarters after the press statement, Admiral Mininela Erinen, Executive officer of the Caldari Navy, responded to questions about further action, stating that “these proceedings are now closed, along with an era in the Caldari Navy’s history during which those who should have been in a position to command had their hands bound by an administration that should never have been permitted to dictate our military objectives or projection of force.”

The Admiral closed the session by reiterating that “with this final action, the Caldari Navy’s focus returns to its core purpose; protecting and preserving the interests of the Caldari State and its people.”