Caldari Gaming Commission to Host Award Ceremony Tonight

By Svarthol
The Caldari Gaming Commission this evening will host an award ceremony for the winning team of this year's COLOSSUS championships.

The reception, to be held at Lai Dai's headquarters in Airkio, will be hosted by Gaming Commission Head Airas Sukela and Lai Dai CEO Alakoni Ishanoya. Ten Caldari Navy-issue Ravens, a Caldari Navy-issue Caracal and a Caldari Navy Hookbill will be given away in addition to the grand individual prize, a fearsome Rattlesnake battleship.

The winners of the Year 106 COLOSSUS Championships are:


Alia Ursul
of Evolution (also 1st place individual finisher)
Deovina of Omega Enterprises (also 2nd place individual finisher)
Feral of Drink Starsi (also 3rd place individual finisher)
Morkt Drakt of Black Omega Security
bsspewer of Corp 1
Wulfnor of Roving Guns Inc.
Shivaja of CHON
Akima of Spaced-Out Corp
proximo of Triton Industries

The Chief Executive Panel and the Caldari State extend its congratulations to these brave pilots, as well as the 2nd and 3rd place finishing teams, those of the Wiyrkomi and Hyasyoda corporations.

The reception is set to begin at 21:00 EVT.