Caldari Constructions tabs Onnuta Ahvala as CEO

By CCP Eterne

Piak – Caldari Constructions has announces that Business Development Director Onnuta Ahvala has been selected as their new CEO. Ahvala spoke to shareholders and provided an outline of a three-year plan designed to bolster the corporation's fortunes.

Ahvala has been BDD for Caldari Constructions for seven years and has spent over twenty years in Kaalakiota-affiliated corporations. Experts have long tabbed him as a rising star in the State corporate world and had anticipated his eventual rise to corporate CEO. However, for the past several years his rise had been stalled under the Heth regime.

In a press release, Ahvala said, “I am excited by the opportunity to lead Caldari Constructions into the future. The corporation has a long and successful history within the State, having helped build it during the years of the first Gallente-Caldari War. I have high hopes for the corporation and am confident we will remain on top of the corporate world.”