Breaking News: Yanala forced into Tea Maker Ceremony

By CCP Eterne

New Caldari – Caldari Navy Executive Officer Mininela Erinen testified before the Chief Executive Panel that State Executor Tibus Heth forced Admiral Visera Yanala to partake in the Tea Maker's ceremony after she was podded during the Battle for Caldari Prime. The story of a clone malfunction was a cover-up mandated by Heth and enforced on the cloning facility by the Provists.

Standing before the CEP tribunal and monitored by cutting-edge lie detecting equipment, Erinen revealed that “When it became obvious that the Shiigeru was going to be destroyed and the Oblivion was not going to be fired, Executor Heth ordered I attend him. Under Provist escort, we entered her post-rebirth chamber. Executor Heth interrogated Admiral Yanala, then offered her a cup of hak'len tea. Admiral Yanala drank the tea and died shortly after from respiratory failure.”

Further interrogation revealed additional details of encounter, including Yanala admitting to disobeying orders to fire on Caldari Prime and defiantly drinking the tea as punishment for ever following Heth in the first place. Erinen revealed she was intimidated by the Provists and unable to countermand the order.

Erinen went on to say that the story of the clone malfunction was only concocted recently, once details of Yanala's actions were released and the Caldari citizens reacted positively. According to the admiral, “Heth became worried the workers would riot if they learned what he did. He sent his Provists to shake down the workers at the clone facility and ordered anyone else involved to keep silent on threat of treason.”

After roughly an hour of testimony from Erinen, the CEP recessed to discuss the findings.