BREAKING NEWS: Tibus Heth denounced by CEP, to be ousted as KK CEO

By CCP Eterne

NEW CALDARI – The Chief Executive Panel has released a statement calling Tibus Heth “the leader of a terrorist insurgency against the Caldari State” and has removed him from the role of State Executor. The decision came after a board vote of the megacorporation CEOs, with Kaalakiota abstaining as Heth, who legally remains Chief Executive, was not present. The seven CEOs unanimously voted against Heth.

Shortly after, the Kaalakiota Corporation board announced that they will be holding a shareholder vote in the coming days to decide on a new leadership strategy. Exercising their powers under corporate law, the board has declared Tibus Heth an outlaw in Kaalakiota territories and vacated the position of CEO. Following the shareholder vote, the board will begin the search and selection process of appointing a new CEO. The Kaalakiota board of directors have been carrying out CEO-level executive functions at the megacorporation since Heth first disappeared from public two weeks ago.

The siege in Haatomo, where Tibus Heth and his insurgents have sealed themselves into a Caldari Constructions station, still shows no signs of progress. The Caldari Navy has declared it is taking a “wait and see” approach, as it believes thousands of Caldari Constructions workers may be held captive by heavily-armed terrorists.