BREAKING NEWS - Third Quarantine Zone Established As Genolution Seals Off Station Decks In Aridia

By Lina Ambre

EFU - A statement from Genolution has confirmed that the corporation has sealed off a number of decks on board its biotech production facility in orbit of the first moon of Efu V, citing an "as yet unidentified pathogen" as the cause for a significant security lockdown.

According to eyewitnesses, the quarantine cordon was rapidly established after a visitor to the station became unwell on the platform of a privately leased hangar, before being taken into care at one of the station's fifty six medical centers.

The cordon was initiated approximately four hours later, after several medical staff reported feeling unwell.

While the station still remains open to the public, the cordon extends across nine decks of the Genolution owned structure, including one of the two research and development centers on board.

The lockdown also includes a number of public and corporate owned hangars, with sources on board delivering unconfirmed reports that a number of airlocks and ventilation ducts have been sealed with fusion welding.

When approached for comment, Genolution were open to contact with the press, explaining that "a communicable infection that poses a risk to public health aboard the facility was identified this afternoon" and that "the closure of the research and development center, along with several of our medical facilities and a number of hangars is temporary. The closure of facilities in no way compromises the safety or operational output of the installation, and we hope to re-open the closed decks in the coming days."

After being questioned on possible links to the quarantine situations in Oijanen and Muttokon, a spokesman responded that "at this stage, Genolution has no reason to believe that the situation on board our facility is in any way linked to events in the Republic or State" and that the corporation is "actively working with the relevant authorities to ensure that all proper precautions are taken."

Genolution closed the press conference shortly afterward, with no further information released on the status of those contained within the quarantine zone.