BREAKING NEWS - State Peacekeepers Return From Kyonoke Pit Breach; Confirm Discovery Of Recently Deceased Pilot

By Yasda Hadoka

TAISY - The Nugoeihuvi News Network has confirmed reports from a news bulletin earlier today, that a detachment of State Peacekeepers has returned from a successful investigative expedition to the Kyonoke Pit, bringing evidence of an unauthorized breach that is believed to have occurred within the last two weeks.

In a statement delivered by General Varanori Ruukin, commanding officer of the State Peacekeepers, the interstellar press were notified that "an operation concluded approximately one hour ago with no loss of life, that was intended to confirm the integrity of the quarantine cordon around the Kyonoke Pit in the system of Taisy."

General Ruukin continued, explaining that "after the team's arrival it became clear that an undetected breach has occurred, most likely within the last two weeks. The time frame can be gauged with reasonable accuracy due to the discovery of the fresh remains of an unidentified male individual which were present on site. The State Peacekeepers are working in conjunction with several other divisions of the State Armed Forces to investigate the situation and ascertain whether this breach is linked to the events on Oijanen II."

After a flurry of questions, General Ruukin appealed for calm among the press, before addressing a number of points, including that "the breach is believed to have occurred within the last two weeks, and current intelligence would indicate that the remains of the individual found on site are in no way linked to a failed attempt at breaching the quarantine cordon which was reported by a Federal news network several weeks ago.

"At this time, we have nothing further to add, other than to reinforce the commitment of the State Armed Forces to re-securing the Kyonoke Pit and increasing security on the quarantine cordon for the foreseeable future."

When questioned regarding the ongoing efforts to contain the outbreak on Oijanen II, General Ruukin declined to comment, diverting all queries to the Chief Executive Panel's press office, which has remained silent on the situation.