Breaking News: Provists seize Haatamo station; Tibus Heth leading

By CCP Eterne

HAATOMO A force of Provists and Templis Dragonaurs have seized control of the Caldari Constructions Warehouse around Haatamo VII – Moon 3. It has been confirmed that Tibus Heth is leading the force.

At present, the intentions of the force occupying the station are unconfirmed. However, workers who escaped the station have reported that Heth arrived under escort early in the morning, as daily shifts were beginning, and delivered a speech to the workers declaring he would “take back Caldari Prime.” They then attempted to press workers into service, which resulted in resistance. At that time, the Provists attacked the workers causing a panic, though no one was sure if there were any casualties.

According to the escaped workers, the group is heavily armed, have completely sealed off several decks and hangars of the station, and are in possession of numerous warships. The Caldari Navy has scrambled forces to contain the situation.