Breaking News - Navies request capsuleer assistance

By CCP Falcon

ORVOLLE – The Scope has learned this morning that the navies of the Empire, Federation, State and Republic have begun to request specific components from sleeper vessels in order to determine the source of the recent spike in sleeper activity in recent weeks.

Speaking from Federation Navy headquarters in Algogille, Admiral Auver Bauvon of Tripwire Intelligence and Command expanded on the rumors, saying “the Federation Navy believes that this change in Sleeper activity presents an enormous opportunity for deeper research into their technology, which will hopefully yield more fruitful results than previous avenues of testing.”

Echoing the sentiments of Admiral Bauvon, Valklear General Heder Elislar of the Republic Fleet also stressed the importance of the change in activity, stating that “the Republic Fleet and Republic Security Services well be working around the clock with our best engineers and scientists to determine the best course of action to take advantage of this new data. This is very much a case of striking while the iron is hot, and ensuring we gather as much data as possible.”

Shortly after the statement issued by the Republic Fleet, representatives from the Imperial Navy and Caldari Navy stepped forward to further reinforce the viewpoint.

While at this time there still seems to be confusion over what this change in Sleeper activity could mean for the cluster, all four navies are requesting that capsuleers donate any spare salvage they may have to assist with research.

At present, the navies are looking to acquire the following:

  • Neural Network Analyzer
  • Sleeper Data Library

This hardware can be delivered to the following navy representatives:

  • Federation Navy – Auvier Bauvon
  • Caldari Navy – Hikemi Korrado
  • Republic Fleet – Heder Elislar
  • Imperial Navy – Ren Karetta