BREAKING NEWS - Massive Data Corruption Reported At Kyonoke Inquest Center - Sabotage Suspected

By Lina Ambre

POSTOUVIN - Additional security forces from the Society of Conscious Thought have arrived on scene at the H4-RP4 Kyonoke Inquest Center, after technicians reported massive amounts of data corruption earlier this afternoon.

Details of operations on board have remained incredibly scarce, however the Society has confirmed in a statement that a substantial amount of historical data from the R4P mining platform has been lost in what is believed to be a targeted digital attack.

The Scope's SoCT contacts have declined to comment further on the situation as a massive data recovery operation has commenced on board the Keepstar class citadel. A sizeable manhunt is rumoured to be ongoing on board the Inquest Center, with the breach suspected to have been committed locally in order to avoid trace.

The Scope has also learned of rumors that an unconfirmed number of security staff based on the inquest center's data storage decks which house its datacenters have been reported missing.

With independent capsuleers set to arrive in Postouvin over the course of the next 48 hours, round the clock security appears to have been doubled at the Inquest Center, with the Federation Navy providing thousands of autonomous enforcement drones for regular patrols on board.