BREAKING NEWS - Kyonoke Plague Outbreak Reported On Board Inquest Center

By Lina Ambre

POSTOUVIN - The Scope Galactic News Network has learned that SoCT security and medical personnel are currently battling to control a significant outbreak of the Kyonoke plague on board the Inquest Center Keepstar.

Initial reports suggest that the entire structure has been placed under security lockdown, with a complete quarantine cordon in place that has shut down docking bays, external traffic control and the vast majority of the facility's external communications services.

While The Scope has not been able to verify reports at this stage, it is believed that the outbreak was caused by contaminated materials that were exposed to the facility's atmosphere during yesterday's ransacking of two of the main on-board virology laboratories.

Several eyewitness reports from on board the structure have confirmed that emergency strobes and signalling systems have been activated on a number of the structure's decks. There have also been reports that a number of laboratories, storage areas and maintenance sectors have been completely sealed off as security and medical teams fight to control the spread.

The Scope Galactic News Network will continue to monitor the situation, and report on further developments.