BREAKING NEWS - Kyonoke Outbreak Confirmed Inside Federal Borders - Astral Mining Facility Quarantined Indefinately

By Lina Ambre

VILLORE - The Senate has released a short-notice statement after a memo leaked from within the Federal Intelligence Office has confirmed an outbreak of the Kyonoke Plague in the Gallente system of Postouvin.

The memo, which appears to have been written to Mentas Blaque, Director of the FIO's Special Department of Internal Investigations - more commonly known as the Black Eagles - details suspicions from the unnamed author that the events in Oijanen and Postouvin may be linked, and that an outbreak of the Kyonoke plague may be to blame for the loss of communication with the Hemorphite processing facility in orbit of the system's fourth planet.

While the memo was heavily censored, removing any specific names, the date on which it was filed - February 13th - appears to have been deliberately retained in the leaked copy, the same day that contact was lost with the RP4 facility.

Critics of President Roden's administration have been swift to remark on the withholding of information that was contained in the memo, with some suggesting that the Federal Intelligence Office could be blamed for any loss of life that occurs on board the RP4 installation.

The President's Office of Press has declined to comment on the contents of the memo, however the Senate has confirmed that secure channels of communication with RP4 have been re-established, and that while the installation remains isolated from the outside world, testing has confirmed the presence of the Kyonoke Plague among the general population of eight million who were sealed inside after the lockdown.

In the last half hour, Astral Mining has released a statement in response to words from the Senate via Commander Audere Esmoreures, Regional Security Chief for Solitude that confirms "Astral Mining continues to put the safety and wellbeing of its employees above all else, and is co-operating with the Federal Government to ensure that the situation remains under control."

As a closing remark, Commander Esmoreures noted that a full quarantine cordon has been issued for the RP4 facility, and that the Federal Marines and Federation Navy have deployed to ensure the location remains secure.