BREAKING NEWS - Kasaras Family Missing; Home Guard Launches Manhunt For Father And Sister

By Lina Ambre

NONNI - The Scope Galactic News Network has learned that a State-wide manhunt has been ordered by the Chief Executive Panel, after the remaining members of the Kasaras family have been revealed to be missing.

Jaron and Akira Kasaras, the father and sister of Ohmon Kasaras, who was killed during an unauthorized breach of the Kyonoke Pit quarantine cordon earlier this month, are sought for questioning in relation to the incident. The breach of the Kyonoke Pit is believed at this stage to be the root cause of four separate quarantine containment events across New Eden, which have claimed an estimated quarter of a million lives so far.

During a Chief Executive Panel session today that ratified the manhunt, representatives from the Kaalakiota corporation, for which both fugitives previously worked, confirmed that both are now registered missing, with their last known locations listed aboard Nonni I - Kaalakiota Corporation Factory.

In a heated exchange among megacorporate leaders, Home Guard CEO Sunmenas Ikydoishin asserted her belief that Jaron Kasaras, a well known weapons development and research manager for the Kaalakiota Corporation, "may have been abducted or persuaded under duress to assist operations within foreign borders."

When questioned regarding clarifications to her statement, Ikydoishin simply stated that she believed that "Jaron Kasaras may have been seized by the Federal Intelligence Office for interrogation, given the scale of the issue in Postouvin."

Wiyrkomi's leadership reacted angrily, with CEO Kuruta Irio expressing his disgust at the allegations and branding the statement "tactless, undiplomatic and entirely uncalled for during a time of interstellar crisis." His viewpoint was echoed by the Chief Executive of Hyasyoda, who called the statement "completely unfounded accusations, with no supporting evidence."

When contacted for comment, the Federal Intelligence Office's press department failed to respond, however Lead Field Agent & Administrator Thoun Gaterau of the Special Department of Internal Investigations passed comment to Scope reporters while leaving a Senate hearing in Villore, calling the allegations "absolute garbage, with no substance" before remarking that "perhaps the State should focus on the thirty six million citizens they have living in a toxic bubble, rather than the infighting in their leadership's echo chamber, and the tossing around of wild accusations."

The Chief Executive Panel's Corporate Relations Director was unavailable for comment when questioned about the Federal response to the accusations.