BREAKING NEWS - Hull Camouflaging Designs Stolen In Daring Raid On Propel Factory

By Lina Ambre

BREAKING NEWS – Caldari Navy vessels have made a return to Tamo this evening, after claims from Propel Dynamics that their security has been breached. It is believed that a number of prototypes and their blueprints have been stolen in a raid that saw security checkpoints flooded with non-lethal nerve gas and scientists incapacitated.

The station affected, which is still believed to be holding [SPC] Seeadler, the Serpentis Corporation vessel that was impounded by the Caldari Navy twenty four days ago, remains on partial lockdown whilst the Caldari Navy and State Marines assess the situation.

The Scope has however learned from sources within Propel Dynamics that the missing equipment and blueprints may be related to hardware reverse engineered from the Serpentis Corporation vessel, with most of the labs surrounding the hangar in which the vessel is believed to be stored having been ransacked.

An initial statement, released directly from the office of Propel Dynamics CEO Ienashi Hurtoken, describes the incident as “deliberate corporate espionage, specifically targeting a new prototype technology that Propel Dynamics was preparing to demonstrate publicly for the first time in the coming days”.

Both the Caldari Navy and Propel Dynamics have refused to comment further on the incident, and while the station’s public hangars remain open to capsuleer and trade traffic, Propel Dynamics corporate decks remain in a state of full lockdown.