BREAKING NEWS – Federation Customs Seizes Record Narcotics Shipment

By Yasda Hadoka

YVEVE – Just moments ago, the Nugoeihuvi News Network has received details of what appears to be the largest narcotics raid in Federal history, after an underground warehouse was stormed on Yveve II containing narcotics with an estimated street value of more than eight hundred billion kredits.

Sources within Federation Customs indicate that the raid is the culmination of a three-year long investigation into narcotics and human trafficking along the Federal border between Solitude and the nullsec region of Syndicate.

The action, which was undertaken in complete secrecy by Federation Customs with forces supplemented by vessels and troops from the Federal Marines, Federal Defense Union and Federation Navy, is believed to have also revealed significant intelligence on the operations of both the Guardian Angels and the Serpentis Corporation, including details of a number of their logistics facilities and portions of their distribution network.

In response to requests for comment from Nugoeihuvi News, a statement was released by Commander Veyn Vares, a capsuleer handling agent based in Octanneve that praised the “unbelievable professionalism, and unprecedented collaboration between all branches of FEDCAF during this incredibly challenging operation”.

News of the raid and the sheer value of the confiscated narcotics has already ignited fierce debate in the Senate today regarding the status of Solitude, which is the only region of the Federation not connected to the Caldari State via direct shipping routes. A number of senators have openly expressed concerns over Solitude's soaring crime rates and significant infrastructure issues during the course of senate sessions today.