BREAKING NEWS - City Of Myrskaa Sealed Off - State Peacekeepers Drafted In

By Lina Ambre

OIJANEN - The Scope has just learned moments ago that a citywide cordon has been issued on Oijanen II, closing all transport links into the Myrskaa metropolitan area and effectively placing the city in complete lockdown.

Our news team in the area has also broadcast unconfirmed reports that a large detachment of State Peacekeepers have arrived on the scene, along with significant Home Guard and Caldari Navy assets.

In an unprecedented move, the Caldari Navy has ordered the entire city to be placed under a quarantine nanoshield dome, which comes just forty eight hours after a cordon was placed around the Zainou owned Myrskaa District 36 South Medical Center, on the south side of the city.

Its is believed that the majority of Myrskaa's thirty six million inhabitants are being held within the cordon of the city, beneath the quarantine nanoshield dome which is in the final stages of deployment.

Further details of State Armed Forces operations on the planet have remained classified, with both Caldari Navy Command and the Chief Executive Panel offering no public information on the reasoning for the quarantine initiative at this stage.

The situation has been further exacerbated by unconfirmed reports of equipment confiscation, along with the arrests of a number of members of the interstellar press.