BREAKING NEWS - Chaos Erupts During Caldari-Gallente Summit After Leaked Recordings Criticize Chief Executive Panel

By Lina Ambre

HATAKANI - Executives from Kaalakiota, Sukuuvestaa and CBD have walked out of Chief Executive Panel talks with the Federal government, after audio recordings were leaked in which a number of Gallente Senators criticised the ethics of forcing protestors in the State back to work.

While the identities of the senators involved are unknown at this time, it is known that questions were raised about the unethical treatment of the workforce in the State, after those protesting against conditions on Oijanen II were forced back to work by the enactment of employment contract clauses prohibiting employee involvement in civil unrest.

The audio recording also made unconfirmed mentions of an apparent Federal Intelligence Office investigation into missing Kaalakiota employee Jaron Kasaras.

The talks have now been closed aboard the CONCORD Bureau in orbit of Hatakani VI, after the remaining members of the Chief Executive Panel departed a little over an hour ago, citing lack of a majority presence of CEP members required for decision making.

Requests for comment from the Senate have been met with silence, however the Press Office for Lai Dai quoted Alakoni Ishanoya, their Chief Executive, as describing the talks as a "complete circus, designed to detract from the real issue of Federal interference in State affairs."