Amarr Empire Declares War On Drifters!

By Lina Ambre

BREAKING NEWS - The Office of the Court Chamberlain issued a decree just moments ago, confirming rumors that the Amarr Empire has issued a formal declaration of war against the Drifters.

In the release, which was marked with today's date, the Court Chamberlain confirmed a meeting between leaders of the Imperial Armed Forces, the Theology Council and the Ministry of War, during which Grand Admiral Kezti Sundara described the threat to the Empire to be "a threat to Holy Amarr, His will, and God's chosen that is absolute."

The release concluded, stating that "All divisions of the Imperial Armed Forces have been issued Executive Orders containing instruction that their primary objective is the defense of the Empire’s borders, her people, and God’s will", confirming that a state of war now exists between the Amarr Empire and Drifter forces.

It would appear that these orders are already being executed, with thousands of Amarr Navy vessels seen moving toward the Empire's borders, and the Throne Worlds Defence Fleet on full alert.

Several contacts between the Amarr Navy and Drifter forces have already been reported in Domain and Devoid, although the situation still remains unclear at this time as massive fleet movements from both the Amarr Navy and 24th Imperial Crusade continue to be reported across the Empire.