BREAKING NEWS - Alleged FIO Report Confirms Operations Inside State; CEP Responds

By Alton Haveri

NEW CALDARI - The Chief Executive Panel has responded with outrage this afternoon, after an alleged report from the Federal Intelligence Office passed to the Nugoeihuvi News Network further fuelled Caldari Intelligence Service suspicions that the FIO has been operating illegally within Caldari borders.

The report, which has no credited author or details of intended recipient and is said to have been leaked from within the Federal Intelligence office, highlights what are believed to be a number of inconsistencies in Caldari Navy and Home Guard records, including irregularities in weapons and equipment inventory at the Kyonoke Pit's security cordon around the time frame that the breach by Ohmon Kasaras is believed to have occurred.

Additionally, the unverified report gives alleged details of Jaron Kasaras' financial history since YC110, with particular focus on his tenure at Kaalakiota whilst former State Executor Tibus Heth served as the corporation's Chief Executive. It also includes detailed evidence that indicates Kasaras, serving at the time as a weapons research and development manager, may have been skimming from budget allocated to his division into an unidentified slush fund account operated by Intaki Bank.

The Chief Executive Panel responded angrily to the allegations this afternoon, with Kaalakiota CEO Haatakan Oiritsuu requesting a formal independent Caldari Business Tribunal investigation into the claims. The request was voted down after executives from Lai Dai, CBD, Nugoeihuvi, Sukuuvestaa and Wiyrkomi all voted against it, apparently united in agreement that the "allegations are nothing more than unverified hearsay".

On leaving the CEP Session, Oiritsuu fielded questions from the interstellar press, affirming Kaalakiota's position that the organization "has nothing to hide" and that "Kaalakiota and the Home Guard will launch its own internal investigation, with or without the assistance of the CEP."

The Corporate Relations Director for the Chief Executive Panel declined to comment further on the day's proceedings.