BREAKING: Explosion Reported at CEP Spire in Landfall City on New Caldari Prime

By Lina Ambre

New Caldari Prime – Eyewitnesses have reported a large explosion in the upper levels of the Chief Executive Panel Administrative Spire on New Caldari Prime. Unconfirmed reports suggest that several of the upper levels of the corporate spire have been severely damaged, possibly entirely destroyed. Debris is reported to be raining into the surrounding plaza and nearby Landfall Park.

Communications with New Caldari Prime remain open but heavily congested. There are no reports of hostile space vessels in orbit of New Caldari Prime. It is unclear if the CEP was in session but the locations of several "Big 8" megacorp CEOs were last reported to be at their corporate HQ spires or offworld.

LATE BREAKING: CEP Chairperson Puok Kossinen is reported to be missing as sources indicate the CEP were meeting in "remote holographic conference". State Peacekeepers are locking down Landfall City as Caldari Navy and corporate security forces raise defense alerts. Planetary defenses, and city and arcology shields are also reported to have been activated across Caldari State territory.