BREAKING: EOM Capital Fleet Sighted Above Kahah III With Reports of Superweapon Being Fired

By Lina Ambre

Kahah, Khanid – An EOM capital fleet, reportedly consisting of several dreadnoughts and a titan, has been sighted in orbit of Kahah III. There are unconfirmed reports of a superweapon being fired at a target on the planet.

Kahah III is a holding in the Khanid Kingdom dedicated principally to food production and has a large population of commoners and slaves. A major slave rebellion flared up on Kahah III two and a half years ago, following a series of terrorist attacks using a weaponized version of the "Deathglow" narcotic. The rebellion was put down brutally by Khanid Kingdom forces including troops under the command of the notorious Khanid Warlord Alar Chakaid.

A recent Brutor Vanguard attack on the Inis-Ilix Theology Council station is believed to have removed Chakaid and his associate Orlon Zashev from prison cells where they were awaiting trial for war crimes by the Amarr authorities. This incident was overshadowed by the recent series of attacks on planets by mercenary dreadnought squadrons but some observers have connected it to these events. If a major attack against Kahah III is underway such speculations may well be vindicated.