BREAKING: Caldari Dreadnoughts Launch Missile Bombardment of Tierijev IV Gallente Defense Complex

By Lina Ambre

Tierijev, Verge Vendor – A squadron of Phoenix-class dreadnoughts has reportedly begun a bombardment of the fourth planet of the Tierijev system. The apparent strike across the Gallente Federation's Verge Vendor border with the Citadel region in the Caldari State comes soon after a report of a major explosion at the Caldari CEP's primary Spire in Landfall City on New Caldari Prime.

The status of the Tierijev border system was disputed by the Caldari and Gallente governments for many decades after the end of the Caldari-Gallente War. Although the system was determined to be Gallente territory under the Yulai Accords, it remains a sore point of contention for Caldari nationalists. The Gallente Federation maintains an extensive defense complex on Tierijev IV, and there are a variety of settlements and industrial colonies on the planet.

Reports from both New Caldari Prime and Tierijev are confused but the Caldari Navy has declared the "orbital defenses and security of New Caldari Prime intact". The Federation Navy is reported to be scrambling fleet units to support Tierijev as the bombardment by Caldari dreadnoughts continues. AEGIS defense units in the system are also reported to be responding.