Amarr Navy Forces in Combat with Drifters in Khanid Kingdom

By Lina Ambre

NANDEZA – The Amarr Empire's Ministry of War has confirmed reports from independent observers that, within the last hour, elements of the Imperial Navy have engaged a concentration of Drifters in the Khanid Kingdom system of Nandeza. This action follows today's declaration of war against the Drifters by the Amarr Empire. It is unclear if the latest Drifter presence represents a change in their activity at this time.

Elements of the Imperial Armed Forces continue to move into positions according to the war plan designated "GRAVITY WELL" by the Ministry of War. Activated within moments of the assassination of Empress Jamyl I, it now seems clear that the plan is a combined core systems consolidation and border reinforcement strategy that is presumably a planned response to a so-called "decapitation strike" by an enemy power. While the main fleet elements of the plan seem to have been put into place within hours of its activation, there are many auxiliary units and large numbers of ground troops still in the process of reaching their designated locations.

On the home front, across all the worlds of New Eden's largest empire, the Ministry of Internal Order has been active both on the streets and on public GalNet casts. The primary propaganda theme has been to strike a note of iron resistance to a foe of unimaginable evil, with subjects exhorted to work and pray for the "Defense of the Throne Worlds".