Body of disgraced Caldari Navy officer found on Caldari Prime

By CCP Falcon

LUMINAIRE – Mordu’s Legion Command confirmed this afternoon that the body of former Caldari Navy officer Sami Okuuda has been found in Kairiola Park, central Tovil, on Caldari Prime.

A public relations officer for the independent mercenary contracting corporation, which was drafted in to provide security for the contested planet after it was declared a DMZ in April YC115 stated that “Mr Okuuda was found at approximately 13:00 hours this afternoon, seated at a public rest area beside Lake Osara in Kairiola Park. This is a beauty spot often frequented by tourists and local residents, and there was no evidence of foul play. His death is not being treated as suspicious, and the delay in any announcement is due to our insistence on first making contact with Mr Okuuda’s family given the sensitive nature of the matter.”

Several witnesses have reported to the press that 56-year-old Okuuda, a former Navy veteran with a twenty-year service record, was seen in the park earlier in the day, and was found alone in a seating area at the waterside in full military dress, with a small flask at his side.

When contacted at their home on New Caldari Prime, the Okuuda family declined to comment regarding events prior to the discovery. However, when approached while on deployment for the Lai Dai Protection Service in Nonni, Lonetrek, Okuuda’s eldest son appeared to brush off questions, stating that “my father died in service of the State during the battle in Luminaire last March. The man you speak of obviously did what he felt was appropriate to preserve the honor of his family’s name.”

The Caldari Navy declined to comment upon request for a response to the discovery.