Blood Raiders pillage religious site on Saikamon

By CCP Eterne

Oyonata – A religious site under the protection of the Kador Family was assaulted and pillaged by the Blood Raiders on the evening of the 12th. Numerous religious relics were taken by the Blood Raiders, while others were destroyed or defaced by the pirate cartel.

The site is believed to be over a thousand years old. Though it holds some significance to the Amarr, the Blood Raiders have long considered it one of their more holy sites. The artifacts stolen from the site consist mainly of relics which were held in reverence by both the Sani Sabik and Amarr faiths, while those vandalized were primarily those held to be anathema to them.

The Kador Family has been in charge of protecting the site since the Bleak Lands were reclaimed by the Amarr eight years ago. Normally a contingent of three-hundred members of the Kador Family Guard protect it, but they had been reassigned to duty in the Kador home worlds following the outbreak of revelry amongst the Family's vassals over recent weeks. A smaller detachment of the Imperial Guard, hired by the Kador Family at the recommendation of Empress Jamyl I, had been assigned to temporarily protect the site, but was apparently unable to hold off the attackers.

According to reports, independent mercenaries were hired by both sides of the conflict in an effort to stabilize the situation. However, this merely escalated fighting, resulting in the destruction of several outlying installations. The mercenaries working on behalf of the Blood Raiders were able to achieve operational security for long enough for the thefts to occur.

The relics taken include the remains of an early Sani Sabik preacher who was sealed inside a “Purgative Coffin” (an ancient torture device once utilized by the Amarr for punishing heretics), several icons, and at least one text of unknown disposition. Destroyed include a writ of heresy denouncing the Sani Sabik faith written personally by Emperor Heideran V and a chalice reputedly belonging to an Amarr inquisitor. Notably untouched were several copies of the Book of Missions, an ancient sculpture of an Amarr saint, and several sets of sanctified remains.