Blood Raiders Deploy Advanced Shipyard; Upwell and DED Silent as Capsuleers Respond

By Lina Ambre

E-DOF2, Period Basis – The Blood Raider Covenant has deployed an advanced shipyard based on the Upwell Consortium's 'Sotiyo' platform, according to verified reports from capsuleers operating in the Period Basis nullsec region.

Since being sighted on YC119.05.12, reportedly by Theyrin Maricadie of the capsuleer corporation House Aratus, the Blood Raiders' heavily adapted Sotiyo has come under repeated attack by various capsuleer groups. So far, the Blood Raiders have repelled all assaults with powerful fleets and are evidently determined to defend the installation with maximum firepower.

Seemingly an advanced shipyard, possibly dedicated to capital ship production, the use by the Blood Raiders of an adapted Sotiyo-class engineering complex raises many questions. Despite repeated requests for comment, the Upwell Consortium and its security organization, the Department of Friendship and Mutual Assistance, have declined to comment.

Even though the repeated efforts of capsuleers have so far ended with the Blood Raider installation remaining secure, pointing to increased capability and power on the part of the Covenant, the DED have also declined requests for comment. The formal threat assessment of the Blood Raider Covenant published by the DED remains unchanged as yet.