Blaque in Lead, Early Numbers Suggest

By Svarthol
According to early numbers just in from the Gallente Electoral Commission, presidential contender Mentas Blaque currently leads incumbent President Souro Foiritan by a five-point margin. Votes have been fully counted from 233 districts out of 528.

An interview with Senator Blaque was aired two hours ago on a popular Gallente feednet, wherein the Senator reaffirmed the driving points of his campaign.

"I think Gallenteans should be proud to call themselves Gallente... I, I think that there is such a focus on being open towards other cultures that people will... sometimes they will tend to forget that they have a rich and proud heritage of their own to draw on. The citizens of our great nation should be more aware that we are just that, a great nation," he said.

The Senator furthermore expounded upon his platform's proposed shifts in focus towards what they term "domestic naturalization," a process involving state-sponsored segregation of immigrant populations to areas specifically designated for them, referred to in the doctrine as "cultural habitats."

The 18-minute interview has provoked mixed reactions from international parties. Keitan Yun, a senior representative from the Minmatar Republic's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, commented that the senator "sounded like he was reading aloud from one of those old ultranationalist textbooks that have by now become the stuff of parody."

Larik Saal, Amarr Ambassador to CONCORD, meanwhile approved vociferously of the Senator's proposals, stating that the Federation "is in great and dire need of a ruler capable of drawing the lines where they need to be drawn."

Updated election numbers will be provided as they come in.