Biotech Companies Begin Mass Synthesis Of Kyonoke Antidote After Inquest Success

By Alton Haveri

POSTOUVIN – The Scope Galactic News Network can confirm that a massive cluster-wide effort is now underway to synthesize hundreds of millions of doses of the Kyonoke Plague Antidote, known by the name A116-0410-1.

A joint effort by a Gallente-Matari science team from Poteque Pharmaceuticals and Eifyr & Co, which was heavily contributed to and influenced by a large group of independent capsuleer scientists, has resulted in the development of the antidote agent.

The agent, known more commonly as “0410” has been successfully tested on board the Kyonoke Inquest Center close to the RP4 Quarantine site, and is expected to be rolled out to quarantine zones across the cluster as soon as possible.

While the Kyonoke Plague remains a highly voracious and dangerous pathogen, the recent discovery of a viable antidote will now allow treatment of infection, with scientific experts widely agreeing that up to 90% of those showing the first symptoms (stages 1 and 2) of the plague are expected to experience a full recovery.

The Scope is currently investigating several leads surrounding the father and daughter of the Kasaras Family, Jaron and Akira, after further links were discovered during the Inquest that suggest the family’s deep involvement with the breach on the Kyonoke Pit in early February.

After a turbulent week of inquest activities, the Federal Intelligence Office has also announced that it will work in co-operation with the Society of Conscious Thought and the Directive Enforcement Department in order to ascertain the cause of large scale data loss in the days preceding the inquest.

With the first doses of 0410 set to arrive in quarantine zones in the State and Federation over the course of the next few hours, the inquest is believed to have saved the lives of trillions. It has however also raised many more questions about the source of the outbreaks, the motives behind the spread of the plague, and the identity of those responsible.

The Scope Galactic News Network will continue to report on the situation in the coming days as it develops.