Atlanins distribution center attack sparks unrest in Essence; 59 detained

By CCP Falcon

SYNCHELLE – A number of arrests were made this morning in the Thoulde constellation of Essence, after a series of overnight disturbances in one of the largest settlements on Synchelle III.

Several small scale protests have erupted across the Federation over the course of the last few days after the Bloody Hands of Matar claimed responsibility for an attack on an Impetus distribution center in Atlanins last Thursday which left 7 dead and 13 injured.

The most prominent of the arrests made was that of an as yet unidentified Brutor male believed to be between the ages of 18-25, who was apparently taken into custody early this morning after resorting to self-defense in an incident that resulted in the deaths of three ethnic Gallente men. There has been widespread outrage from the Matari community within the Federation, along with calls for his release after the revelation that he was handed directly to SDII by local law enforcement this afternoon for further questioning.m

In addition to the unrest, a number of right-wing Federal groups have called for the extradition to the Federation of any known members of the Bloody Hands of Matar to face trial for the attacks in Atlanins. The call harkens back to the demands from the Republic to extradite Gerne Broteau, a Gallente citizen, to the Republic for a shooting rampage that left dozens of Minmatar dead, including former Prime Miniter Karin Midular. Broteau was executed by the Republic following a trial that lasted 36 hours.

The Tribal Council has remained silent thus far, and several parliamentary delegates declined to comment on the situation.