Assassination Attempt on Chamberlain Thwarted; Missing Theology Council Members Are Prime Suspects

By Svarthol

Amarr - *Breaking News* The Court Chamberlain is today expected to announce a thwarted assassination attempt on his life, and implicate the missing Theology Council justices as being directly responsible for the act. A public address to the empire is expected by Chamberlain Karsoth later today.

Sources close to the chancellor confirmed that the conspiracy was spearheaded by Lord Falek Grange, and "coordinated in large part" under the direction of Lords Victor Eliade and Aulus Gord. Sophisticated, sensor-evading bomb producing materials were smuggled into the Emperor Family Academy Station through a network of individuals working directly for the three justices, thus implicating numerous Theology Council staff. As such, a "purge" of these individuals has been executed by Imperial Paladins, although the source would not elaborate further.

The Imperial Navy confirmed that search and destroy operations are underway, and that the presence of naval warships in the Sakht System was due to its importance as the last system the three fugitives were seen in. Believed to have crossed the border, the Navy has not ruled out the possibility that their escape was aided by Blood Raiders, but reiterated that the motivations of Grange, Eliade, and Victor have not been specifically tied to the cult-at least not yet.

Imperial forces, in particular Paladins under the command of the Ministry of Internal Order, have imposed draconian security measures in light of the assassinations of two emperors in recent memory. Sweeping reform enacted by Chamberlain Karsoth shortly after the late Emperor, Doriam II's death awarded the Paladins with additional search and seizure powers, which include prompt "guilt by holy witness" judgments if crimes are caught in the act by "ordained representatives of Amarr."

A full transcript of Chamberlain Karsoth's address will be available following his announcement.