Arms Race Ensues as Rogue Swarm Alert Declared by DED after Widespread Eruptions of Drone Nests are Detected

By Lina Ambre

Yulai – A cluster-wide Rogue Swarm Alert has been declared by the DED, as the empires and independent capsuleers scramble to upgrade their capabilities in an arms race with hostile rogue drones. The Inner Circle's recent authorization of new Clone State Alpha capabilities was granted as a response to increasing pirate threats but its rollout over the last few days has proved very timely given this new rogue drone swarm breakout.

Reports have reached the Scope that rogue drone outbreaks are being detected throughout known space. It has been reported that the advanced and dangerous "Swarm Overmind" rogue drone variants are once again present and apparently directing the activities of other rogues drones at infestation locations.

The Agency mercenary and freelancer job clearing house has posted a number of tasks calling for the destruction of rogue drones and clearing out of outbreak sites. The empires have made available emergency stocks of ship assemblers to support the arms race between independent capsuleers and the rogue drone threat.

The empires clearly also hope that the combination of expanded Clone State Alpha capability and ready access to battlecruisers and battleships will help to oppose the increase in pirate activity in high-security space.