Angel Cartel feels pressure in Molden Heath

By CCP Eterne

MOLDEN HEATH - According to reports from Republic law enforcement, the Angel Cartel has begun to experience a downturn in fortune within Molden Heath from a combination of cloned mercenaries, Thukker Tribe assets, and elements of the Republic Fleet. While the Thukker Tribe and Republic Fleet have been active in Molden Heath for years, the newly settled cloned mercenaries have enabled them to refocus their operations.

The region has seen a sharp drop in violent crime and booster-related trafficking in the days since the mercenaries have arrived. The Republic Fleet and Thukker Tribe have diverted assets from their planetside installations, which have mostly been taken over by mercenary corporations, and have redirected them toward interdiction of Cartel assets in space.

Experts have expressed cautious optimism about the results. “It seems likely that the Cartel will be hard pressed to continue with the same tactics they always have,” said one law enforcement official. “However, it must be said these are early results. The Cartel is likely being cautious and is reading the situation. They are well known as adaptable. We cannot simply celebrate this as a permanent success. And once the mercenaries begin fighting each other heavily, who knows what the Cartel will do?

The Republic has released a statement saying, “The Tribal Assembly supports the rights of the Thukker Tribe to do with their territories as they please. We are currently satisfied with the situation in Molden Heath."