Analysis Of Kyonoke Antidote Fuels Calls For Investigation After Widespread Treatment Begins

By Alton Haveri

POSTOUVIN - The Kyonoke Inquest Center remains a hive of activity this evening as massive quantities of Agent 0410, the antidote to the Kyonoke Plague, continue to ship from the Keepstar to quarantine locations across the cluster.

In Efu, Genolution have already confirmed that the clean-up operation of their labs on board the affected Biotech facility will begin on Friday. The corporation stated that while more than 370,000 people within the cordon have already been killed by the pathogen, doctors are confident that most of the remaining 359,000 can be safely treated and are expected to make a full recovery. It expected that the remainder of those who survived will be treated then evacuated into a secure quarantine area for recovery monitoring, before the affected decks on board the station are exposed to vacuum in order to eliminate what remains of the Kyonoke plague. The clean-up is then scheduled to begin once this procedure is complete.

Close to the Kyonoke Inquest Center, the first breach of the RP4 processing facility since the conclusion of the Inquest also occurred this morning, with bulk shipments of 0410 arriving alongside medical supplies, sustenance and clean-up equipment. The situation on board has been described as "beyond belief" with more than seven million of the eight million resident personnel confirmed dead. As with the situation in Efu, it is expected that the facility will be fully exposed to vacuum once survivors have been treated, declared safe and evacuated.

President Jacus Roden also confirmed in a press conference this morning that a Senate Oversight Committee has been formed to investigate events on board the RP4 installation leading up to the outbreak, as well as the cause of multiple digital and physical attacks on the Inquest center during the course of the Kyonoke Inquest. This committee will be backed by a Directive Enforcement Department investigatory team.

In the Republic, Sanmatar Shakor addressed the Tribal Council this morning, giving full details of the extent of the outbreak on board the Freedom Extension owned orbital space elevator platform which is currently being held in high orbit of Muttokon II. He confirmed that the Republic Security Services are working with both Freedom Extension and Eifyr & Co in order to clear the outbreak, and that testing of a prototype airborne version of Agent 0410 developed independently by Eifyr & Co is currently underway. Giving details of the recovery effort, Shakor elaborated that while almost a quarter million on board the platform have been killed, it is expected that more than 700,000 will be saved, pending a successful flush of the facility.

Freedom Extension also confirmed the replacement of the facility in a shareholder meeting, with a new orbital platform expected to be delivered to the site and attached to the elevator system early next week. It is expected that the facility will be back online within 14 days. The Republic Security Services also confirmed that the existing platform "will be vented to space, before being deorbited once survivors have successfully been treated and removed." RSS Field Agent Administrator Abja Etbald confirmed this in a joint RSS and Freedom Extension press conference, stating that the platform "will break up and disintegrate on entry to the atmosphere as it passes over the planet's southern Kis'taak Ocean.

In the State, the Chief Executive Panel has confirmed that containment nanodomes over the city of Myrskaa will remain in place until the clean-up operation has been completed. In a CEP meeting this morning, Puok Kossinen offered a solemn update on the city's death toll, with more than eleven million of the city's thirty-six million inhabitants confirmed dead. Both Zainou and the Ishukone corporation have confirmed that talks with Eifyr & Co have been successful, and that the prototype airborne version of Agent 0410 will also be used on Oijanen II to blanket the city, along with the traditional intravenous method of treatment.

The CEP have also confirmed that once survivors have been successfully treated and evacuated from Myrskaa to the nearby city of Ruusaka, the city will be razed with a series of hydrogen detonations to destroy all traces of the Kyonoke Plague. This decision comes after a study has already confirmed that the vast majority of the city's services are beyond repair after more than a month of martial law. No plans for the site have been announced at this stage, however it is expected that reconstruction of the city may begin in as little as two years.

 Meanwhile, the Directive Enforcement Department has launched a full investigation into the origins of the Kyonoke Plague. The investigation comes after it was revealed that blood from now deceased Caldari nationalist fugitive Akira Kasaras was used by Poteque Pharmaceuticals, The Servant Sisters of EVE and Eifyr & Co to create an antidote. Speculation has been rife among geneticists and virologists since the revelation of a cure, which apparently consists of a structured bio-speck that acts as a counter for the Kyonoke speck, rendering it inert.

Many experts have commented that this method of rendering an outbreak inert is a common practice in the field of biological weapons deployment, indicating that the Kyonoke Plague could indeed be man made, rather than a naturally occurring disease as was previously thought.

The Scope Galactic News Network will continue to broadcast further as the situation develops.