Amarr Heirs-Elect Confirmed by Royal Houses Ahead of Trials of the Champions

By Zara Serir

Amarr Prime – The Imperial Succession Committee has announced that all six Royal Houses of the Amarr Empire have confirmed their respective Royal Heirs-elect, as called for by Court Chamberlain Pomik Haromi. With the present Royal Heirs preparing to enter sequestration in the Imperial City of Dam-Torsad, the Royal Houses have been carrying out their own internal succession processes, culminating in the designation of six Royal Heirs-elect.

For House Ardishapur, at the personal selection of Lord Yonis Ardishapur, the Royal Heir-elect is Lord Arim Ardishapur, nephew to the current Royal Heir and long known to be the heir presumptive of the Ardishapur demesne.

For House Kador, as recommended by Lord Uriam Kador and confirmed by the Kador Family Council, the Royal Heir-elect is Lady Hamideh Kador, cousin to the current Royal Heir and leading member of the Family Council.

For House Khanid, at the personal selection of King Garkeh Khanid, the Royal Heir-elect is Duke Farokh Khanid, cousin to His Majesty the King, Duke of Sib and member of the Board of Holders of Khanid Transport.

For House Kor-Azor, as selected by Lord Chancellor Aritcio Kor-Azor and ratified by the Kor-Azor Family Council, Lady Ersilia Kor-Azor, Holder of Nimedaz and House Counsellor to the current Royal Heir.

For House Sarum, as selected by Lord Merimeth Sarum and the Table Paramount of House Sarum, the Lord Marshal Arrach Sarum, Kilizh e Sani, and Admiral of the Imperial Navy Reserve.

For House Tash-Murkon, as recommended by Lady Catiz Tash-Murkon and elected unopposed by the Tash-Murkon Family Council, Lord Tunir Tash-Murkon, First Trade Lord of Tash-Murkon.

Court Chamberlain Pomik Haromi has welcomed the selection of the Royal Heirs-elect, saying, "The future of all Amarr depends on the rightful order of our society, flowing from the Throne of Holy Amarr, through the leadership of our Royal Houses and the noble Holders, to the entirety of the subjects and citizens of the Empire. We can be well-satisfied that our great houses have provided for stable succession as we look forward to the Trials of the Champions."

The Trials of the Champions for the Imperial Succession YC118 are due to begin on Sunday, November 8th, 13:00 New Eden Time with the House Stage rules announced today.