Amarr Empire Formally Congratulates Roden, Rebukes Outgoing President

By Svarthol

Amarr – In a statement released through the Amarr Certified News agency, the Amarr Court Chamberlain Pomik Haromi formally congratulated President-elect Jacus Roden on his impending "assumption of power" and expressed the hope that the new Federation government will "respect the sovereignty of the Amarr Empire". The chamberlain's statement also welcomed the "fall from grace of the arrogant Souro Foiritan" and rebuked the government of the outgoing Gallente president for what he described as its "peerless record of meddling in matters that did not concern it. "

Experienced analysts of Amarrian diplomacy have interpreted the court chamberlain's statement as a remarkably positive welcome for President-elect Roden. For the statement to be issued by the chamberlain himself, rather than his office or a lesser ministry, would typically indicate that Empress Jamyl I was speaking to Jacus Roden through the chamberlain. The reference to the Empire's sovereignty can be considered a coded sign that the Amarr Empire would be prepared to respect the sovereignty of the Gallente Federation.

Of particular note, according to Professor Ifor Sellay of the Caille University Center for International and Diplomatic Studies, is the care with which the strident criticisms of the Gallente government are focused very precisely on the outgoing Foiritan regime. Professor Sellay suggests that this reference indicates the Amarr Empire is adopting a cautious policy of assessing the new President before reaching any firm conclusions.

The Office of the President has issued a brief statement welcoming "the recognition by the Amarr Empire of another demonstration of the Gallente Federation's long tradition of peaceful transfer of power."