Amarr Empire Celebrates the Reign of Empress Jamyl I with State Funeral

By Lina Ambre

Amarr Prime – The Amarr Empire today observed the state funeral of Empress Jamyl I with the majesty and solemnity appropriate to the passing of a leader who ruled the largest and most populous empire of New Eden as a sacred figure closest to and reflecting the divine. Held in the imposing Basilica of St. Gheinok the First Prophet, in the Imperial City of Dam-Torsad, the funeral rites celebrated the reign of an Empress considered to have been sent by God in the moment of Amarr's greatest need, the so-called 'Elder Fleet Invasion' by Minmatar forces, and assassinated by the disturbing and mysterious entities known as the 'Drifters'.

The vast spaces of one of the holiest of Amarr holies were filled to capacity, this morning, as the elite of the Amarr Empire gathered, under elaborate and many-layered security precautions, to bear witness to the celebration and affirmation of the works and sanctity of the Empress. Led by the High Chaplain of the Emperor Family, Kalefa Sufrin an-Kador, the funerary rites were punctuated by addresses from Margrave Nalmid Lebon of the 24th Imperial Crusade, Grand Admiral Kezti Sundara of the Imperial Navy, and Court Chamberlain Pomik Haromi.

As exceptionally rare as such a gathering is, with almost the entire leadership of the Amarr Empire gathered under one roof, some precautions had clearly been taken. While all members of the Privy Council were present, there were notable absences from among the upper echelons of the Royal Houses, Imperial Ministries and the combined militaries of the Empire. Even so, large as the great basilica is, there was no room for any but the highest-ranking of Holders, imperial officials and honored guests from other realms.

Outside the vast church, the great square and many parks surrounding the Basilica of St. Gheinok were thronged with crowds of nobility and commoners alike. Every cathedral, temple and chapel of Dam-Torsad was filled, and elsewhere, among the many worlds of the Amarr Empire and beyond, places of Amarr worship saw great numbers attending to witness the ceremony however they could, however remote from the great holy city they might be.

From the other empires of New Eden came many representatives, with the attendance of President Jacus Roden surprising many, so closely guarded was the secret that he would be paying his respects in person. From the Caldari State, the Chief Executive Panel was formally represented by the CEOs of the powerful Kaalakiota and Suukuvestaa megacorporations, with every one of the so-called 'Big 8' megacorps represented by a board level officer. The Minmatar Republic chose to be formally represented by its ambassador to the Amarr Empire, but the presence of Bjongausen Agnake, Chief Operative of the Republic Security Services was also noted.

The CONCORD Assembly was represented by Irhes Angireh, Chief Officer of the Inner Circle, and Brigadier General Odo Korachi, commander of the DED's Genesis Fleet and believed to be overall strategic coordinator of CONCORD's response to the Drifter threat. The presence of so many high-level political, military and intelligence figures from various New Eden states suggests that an opportunity to hold informal discussions has been seized by the great powers.

This morning belonged to Empress Jamyl I, however, as the final chapter of an extraordinary life came to a close not in the emptiness of vast, cold space but rather in this murmurous and light-filled holy space of the Amarr Empire.

Empress Jamyl I of Amarr, requiescat in pace