Amarr Empire Celebrates Foundation Day YC123

By Ret Gloriaxx

Amarr Prime, Domain – The high holiday of Foundation Day is being celebrated across the Amarr Empire, with Avatar-class Titan battlegroups in parade formation in Amarr Prime and the capital systems of the six Royal Houses of the Empire. Foundation Day marks the construction of the Grand Basilica of St. Gheinok the First Prophet, at the heart of the Imperial City of Dam-Torsad, and is one of the most important religious holidays in the Empire's calendar.

Above: TES Jamyl the Liberator in "Imperial Seal" Parade Formation in Amarr Prime

Empress Catiz I has ordained a week of festivities while emphasizing the need for vigilance against "enemies of Holy Amarr that hide within, as well as those who threaten the peace of God from without." In light of recent SCC tax changes, the Theology Council has declared that additional tithes or offerings made on Foundation Day or during the week of festivities will garner the "special favor of Empress and God." Capsuleers loyal to the Amarr Empire are also celebrating Foundation Day with a traditional spaceship parade around the Emperor Family Station in Amarr system.

Above: Order of St. Tetrimon Fortress Monastery in Thebeka system

Despite crackdowns on dissent and the hunt for heretical cults and terrorist cells continuing, celebratory gatherings and movements of religious pilgrims are only slightly down as compared to previous years, with number comparable to those seen during last year's festival during the Triglavian Invasions. Even so, the various security forces of the Empire are maintaining a highly visible presence, and appear to be particularly attentive in monitoring the large movements of Imperial subjects and foreign tourists typical during such festivities.

Above: New Traumark Installation fortifications in Saminer system

Imperial and House militaries are also continuing to rebuild and redeploy their forces as the aftermath of both the Triglavian Invasions and the Equilibrium of Mankind terrorist plot settle back into diplomatic contention between the empires. The Imperial Navy is reported to have returned the oldest of the so-called "Mausoleum Fleets" activated at the height of the Invasions to storage and the care of the religious orders tasked with maintaining such reserves.

Royal Houses and military orders are also notable in having built up their forces and establishing new bases and fortifications. The Tash-Murkon Family has followed its development of a stargate link into the Stain region with the construction of a new, even more formidable fortress at the Traumark Installation in Saminer system. Under Ardishapur Family sponsorship, the militant Order of St. Tetrimon has also established a "fortress monastery" at the fringes of the Thebeka system, scene of a slave rebellion, pacification campaign and capsuleer conflict in which the order took an active role.

Above: New station under construction in orbit of Matar, Pator system

In Other News

  • Legacy Coalition Assault on Last Stronghold of Imperium Coalition Turns to Rout in Evacuation Chaos
  • Major Outer Regions Capsuleer Coalition Close to Collapse Amidst Infighting Over Strategy
  • Extensive Destruction Across Delve Region and Routes of Evacuation as Imperium Counter-Attacks
  • Construction of New Station Orbiting Matar Underway in Minmatar Republic's Pator System
  • Dispute Over Land and Transport Rights Breaks Out Between Vherokior and Thukker Clans on Ennur VI
  • Thukker Council of Caravans Disavows Responsibility for Clans "Outside Jurisdiction of Great Caravans"
  • Military Governor of Ennur VI Authorizes Territorial Guards to Carry Out "Police Actions"
  • Turf War Between RSS, RJD and Vherokior Tribal Marshals Ensues Over Seykal Clan "Cargo Seizures"
  • EDENCOM Intelligence Directorate Reported to be "In Contact with Elements of Triglavian Leadership"
  • Chief of EDENCOM Intelligence Directorate Accused of Partiality to Amarr Empire by Gallente Senators
  • Sardar-Colonel Parvaz Sarkovas Reportedly Briefed Provost Marshal Valkanir in Presence of Amarr Inner Circle Delegate
  • EDENCOM Provost Marshal Repudiates Claims; Briefings also Held with Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar Delegates
  • Republic Protests at Report Amarr Briefing Discussed Using "Penal Troops and Gladiators" in Triglavian Proving Grounds
  • Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh Accuses Republic Security Services of "Infiltration and Espionage" at Inner Circle HQ
  • Lai Dai Protection Service Condemns "Criminal Destruction and Terrorism" by Capsuleer Moon Drilling in Eugales
  • LDPS 203rd Combined Asset Protection Regiment Confirms Destruction of Research Site on First Moon of Eugales V
  • LDPS Colonel Aina Yuminoro stated "All Valuable Materials Had Been Recovered but Capsuleer Terrorism is Rarely Rational"
  • DERAIL Command and LDPS Refuse to Confirm or Deny Co-Operation as Both Organizations Continue Eugales Operations
  • Federal Marines and Intaki Planetary Defense Forces Report Intaki Prime "Secure Under Improved Fortifications"
  • Reports of Caldari Militia Forces Attempting to Scout Surface of Intaki Prime "Destroyed in Upper Atmosphere"
  • Hyasyoda, Ishukone, and Wiyrkomi Megacorps Register Colonial Development Claim for Intaki System with CBT