Amarr 7th Fleet Fortifies Bases in The Bleak Lands

By Svarthol
Sahtogas, The Bleak Lands - After a few hectic days of military operations in the region, the forces of the Amarrian 7th Fleet have begun construction efforts to consolidate and fortify their positions in The Bleak Lands. The Navy Logistics Base at Sahtogas in particular has seen a marked increase in the traffic of heavy industrial ships over the last few days. It would appear that the officers and crews of the Fleet, dubbed "The Saracens" after their charismatic Admiral, are serious about enforcing and maintaining Divine Law in the region

When asked about the fortification efforts Admiral Vanazir Saracen was characteristically direct. "Having established our logistical beach-head, we are taking the next natural step. We have brought the Empire back to the Bleak Lands, and now we are expanding our reach, as the Scriptures dictate." The strategic sense of the effort is unquestionable; Admiral Saracen has stated that his ultimate goal is to have no system in The Bleak Lands more than three jumps from a heavily fortified naval installation.

Most Holders in the region have greeted the news with unbridled enthusiasm. Kamelleth Falduur, a Holder openly critical of the bureaucracy's initial slowness to act, was ebullient in his support of Saracen's actions. "At long last The Bleak Lands will be tamed and return to the fold of civilized Amarr space. There is no reason why this region shouldn't be as safe and prosperous as the rest of the Imperial Domain. Admiral Saracen's efforts give hope to us all, God praise him."

But the situation has not been without its controversy. In order to fund and man the rapid construction projects, Admiral Saracen has taken the unusual step of instituting an Imperial tithe. Normally a power reserved to planetary and regional Viceroys, the move has caused dissent among a few Holders in the region. "I don't know who he thinks he is, but showing up with a contingent of Imperial Marines and loading my entire slave stock into a transport bound for some construction site God knows where is a galling abuse of power," said Veralan Naakhubis, a minor Holder from Kuomi. Several Holders have lodged formal complaints with the Chancellery, but as yet there has been no official response.

Most residents of the area dismiss such complaints out of hand however. Gastnik Froom, a hauler pilot native to the region echoed the general sentiment. "Listen to them, whining like Furriers. A month ago they were begging for a savior. Now they have one and they're still not happy. Ingrates. I was honored to lend my ship's service to the Admiral when he asked it. The Empire demands sacrifices of us all, and some of these mewling Holders would do well to remember that."

As men and material continue to flood into Amarr Navy logistical depots, it is clear that the Saracens are planning a long stay.