Alpha Clones Bolster Capsuleer Numbers Despite Continued Drifter Assaults

By Lina Ambre

YULAI – An influx of capsuleers adopting the new Alpha Clone technology has bolstered the numbers of New Eden's elite pilots, despite a major escalation in Drifter activity and direct assaults on military assets of the "Big Four" empires.

The Scope's Alton Haveri has reported in depth on last week's developments, including the adoption of Alpha Clone technology, the Drifter attacks and the warnings of the "Pharos of Thera" group apparently led by former Sanctuary scientist Taya Akira.

While the Drifters appear to have committed significant assets to their strikes against the empires, including using an unknown technique to establish their automated Hives in the heart of New Eden, the repeated assaults are being beaten back with the assistance of newly recruited capsuleers.

Reports from CONCORD's DED taskforce on Anoikis and the intelligence arms of the major empires are said to indicate a continuing escalation of Drifter activity. Naval forces are on continuing high alert while the situation develops.