Admiral Yanala being widely hailed as a hero

By CCP Eterne

NEW CALDARI – Following reports that Admiral Yanala, pilot of the Leviathan-class titan Shiigeru which crashed into Caldari Prime after being destroyed by capsuleers and the Gallente Navy, acted to prevent widespread destruction and loss of life during the ship's final moments, Caldari across the State have begun to regard the Admiral as a hero.

“The Caldari Navy said she saved billions of lives,” said an Ishukone factory worker. “Yeah, the titan was destroyed, but look at the circumstances. She didn't have a chance, cut off from reinforcements in the heart of the Federation. She was in a lose-lose situation, but her bravery saved people.”

The sentiments were echoed by a manager for NOH, who said, “I know some people might ask 'why didn't she fire the doomsday at one of those Moroses?' I say, what if she had? One Gallente ship destroyed, but would that have saved the ship? I don't think so and then that doomsday would have stayed dangerous and caused how many people to die on the planet? She made a hefty choice and it was the right one.”

Citizens are calling for a celebration to be held in Yanala's honor and for the admiral to make a public speech before the people and Chief Executive Panel.