Additional Genetics Specialists Arrive At Kyonoke Inquest Center After Dispatch By Empress Catiz

By Zara Serir

POSTOUVIN - Amarr Certified News is proud to report that an additional specialized team of genetics and bio-engineering specialists have arrived on site at the H4-RP4 Kyonoke Inquest Center, after being instructed by her Holiness Empress Catiz I to leave their posts as advisors to physicians in service of the Emperor Family.

In a short statement released by the Empress, she expressed her will for "limitless co-operation between gifted scholars and scientific specialists regardless of creed, in order that the harrowing situations across the cluster be address swiftly."

Referring to the Kyonoke crisis as "an act of god, designed to test the fortitude of both Holy Amarr and the cluster at large", the Empress called for full cooperation between the various administrations and corporations involved.

Amarr Certified News has learned that the team were warmly welcomed aboard by colleagues from the State, Federation and Republic after arriving at the site on board TES Solace and TES Faith, a pair of Imperial Issue Apocalypse class vessels.

After being met by science teams from across the cluster, the group were introduced to Dr. Cardor Veranne, the Kyonoke Inquest's newly appointed SoCT Director of Research & Development, who leads efforts on board the H4-RP4 inquest center and was said to be "delighted and honored to welcome the Imperial delegation to research efforts".