5th Annual New Year’s Celebration to be Held in Umokka

By CCP Phantom


by ISD Tedra Kerrigan

Umokka, The Forge

Attention capsuleers! It’s that time of year again! The 5th annual New Years’ Eve Celebration hosted by capsuleer Daggaroth is to be held on December 31 at 23:00 EVE Time

The event will take place at Umokka X, Moon 4, outside the Caldari Navy Testing Facilities. All capsuleers are invited to bring ships equipped with lasers, fireworks or missiles to light up the night around the station.

Music will be provided by New Eden Radio, and there will be a raffle held again this year. This year’s prizes will include a Chimera carrier, as well as a carrier-of-choice, the latter to be built once the winner has decided which carrier he or she would like to receive.

Last year’s event had roughly 900 capsuleers attending, and event organiser Daggaroth is hopeful that they can top the number this year.

GalNet References

New Eden Radio will be providing music for the event as well as running the raffle.

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